Sunday, September 29, 2013

William Preston Gibson

I know I'm WAY overdue on posting on my blog (sorry Katie's mom!), and William is almost 2 months old, so that's ridiculous.  I'll do my best to catch up on all the things I've intended to post about but haven't.

First up, WP's birth story.

I went into labor a few days after my last post.  I woke up the morning I hit 38 weeks thinking that I had peed myself.  I'd had a rough night with being uncomfortable and peeing every five minutes, so this didn't surprise me.  I waddled to the bathroom and *gush*.  Nope.  Definitely not pee.  It was 6:45, which meant Kyle was just clocking into work.  I called, he didn't answer.  Called again, no answer.  Texted "my water just broke."  That got me a call back.  "Hey, I know you just got to work, but you need to turn around and come home.  My water broke."  "Are you sure?"  "I just mopped amniotic fluid off the bathroom floor.  Yes." 

He drove home while I showered, did the dishes (I know, I know), and finished packing our hospital bag.  I told Kyle to put a towel down in the car in my seat just in case, and when I came out to the garage I found the towel in the drivers seat of my car.  "Um, am I going to drive myself to the hospital?"  He's allowed one crazy oops.

The next several hours were pretty boring.  I was barely dilated, so I was put on a pitocin drip and was stuck being miserable in the bed.  At 4pm I got an epidural, which I had been totally dreading, but by the time I got to that point, I was ready!  About 6pm, I got sick and started throwing up, and my temp and blood pressure spiked.  My water had been broken for too long, and I was starting to get an infection.  Unfortunately, that put WP at risk as well, and guaranteed him a NICU stay. 

I finally got to push about 11:30, and after two LONG hours of pushing, William came into the world at 1:58am, sharing birthdays with our ob and dear friend Alicia, and two of the NICU nurses! 

He immediately stole our hearts, all 6 lbs and 4 ounces of him.  He was a whole 19 inches long.  We can't figure out who he looks like, even after almost 8 weeks on this earth, but we're sure he's the cutest thing in the world!

William Preston Gibson
6 lbs, 4 oz.
19 inches
August 7, 2013, 1:58am

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  1. Congratulations, Michelle! He is perfect. :) So glad I found your blog!!