Monday, January 18, 2016


I was talking with a dear friend that is also expecting another baby this year, and while we normally make our resolutions, this year we found ourselves lacking in a clear path.  We realized while talking that we both had a major change coming to our lives and families this year, and maybe that was enough. 

When William was born, I had 3 1/2 weeks to adjust to being a mom before I was back to school.  Kyle was home with us for two of those weeks.  We lived in a rent house, so I prepped the house the best I could, but could only do so much.  The week after I went back to work, Kyle's mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  We spent the next several months working on very little sleep, traveling to Waco on the weekends with a newborn to help the best we could, and somehow trying to adjust to being a new family. 

Honestly?  It kinda sucked. 

I am determined for us to have a different experience this time, as this will be our last child (at least, as far as my plan goes), and that's why I picked the word adapt.  I want this year to be about us preparing and adjusting to be a new family of four.  So why will this take a year?

The House
We bought a house when WP was 7 months old, and we looked for a few specifics with this house.  The main one was "no unused space."  This will be a blog post all on its own, but in short, it means getting a nursery together, changing my office to an office/guest room, and an overhaul to how our house functions. 

Me at Work
I may work only 30 or so hours most weeks with several days off during the year, but all of that is spent running by own business.  I want to work this year to continue striving for balance between work and home, and adding a second kiddo into that mix.

Me Personally
Mom of two.  Some days I can barely handle mom of one.  I'm going to give myself time to adapt to this new role.  I'm shooting to take 2 months off this summer to get to know our baby girl, spend time with my sweet boy, and figuring out how to take a shower and work and recover.

Us as a Family
Kyle gets to take an entire month off to be home with us this time around, and we'll need to figure out man on man defense.  William will need time to adjust to being a big brother and we need time with him to let him know how very important he is to us. 

I look at this list, and it's a lot, and it's enough.  This doesn't mean I won't have other goals for myself along the way of this year, but my main goal will be adapting to this new and wonderful time in our lives.  I can't wait.


  1. I hope everything is going a lot smoother this time around :-) God bless xx

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