Saturday, January 7, 2012

4 weeks

I wrote this a few weeks ago as a review - enjoy, and I'll be posting more weeks as I go!

By the time I hit 4 weeks pregnant, I already knew for 5 days I was knocked up!  I started week 4 with a trip to the obgyn to check my levels.  My progesterone, which was low when I miscarried, looked great, and my hcg levels were at 146!  It has to be at 25 to show up on a home pregnancy test, and most people can't find out until the after they've missed their period that they're pregnant, but my numbers were there and kickin' it.

This week was filled with Christmas, so it was hard to rest as much as I really wanted to.  It might've resulted in some emotional meltdowns on my part.  (Sorry Kyle.)  For the most part, I've felt pretty good except for some serious stomach issues and being exhausted.  I also at the end of this week needed to buy maternity jeans.  Good gracious.  I was so bloated that my pants would NOT button.  The bloat will go away, but will be replaced by baby, so I went ahead and just bit the bullet and bought them.

Most. Comfortable. Pants. I've. Ever. Owned.

Seriously.  Why do we wear anything else?  They also look great!  Not mom jeans at all!

The funnies of this week:
1. When we went shopping for maternity jeans, Kyle and I realized we both had left our wedding rings at home.  I felt slightly trashy.

2. I might have karate chopped the waiter who tried to take my plate away before I was done.

Kyle quotes of the week:
1. Hey, our neighbor is super skinny and she's had 4 should find out her secret.  (FAIL.)

2. (on seeing my belly bloat one evening)  Holy crap!  Are you carrying that in a pouch like a marsupial?!

Mexican and fried shrimp


  1. I can't wait to follow all the details of your pregnancy. How exciting!! Yay!!

  2. Oh and by the way I agree about the pregnancy jeans. ahhhhhh

  3. Mike had comment fails with each boy. With Price he laughed at my trying to roll out if bed & said I killed like a flipped over turtle. With Coops he grabbed my belly & asked if he tipped me over if it would be considered cow tipping. Sometimes they need a good smack.