Tuesday, January 10, 2012

6 Weeks

Ok, when did I get stupid?

I can't remember ANYTHING to save my life.  I pretty much leave one ingredient off of everything I cook, and have to go back to the store.  Before we had confirmed I was pregnant, if I did something pregnancy related, Kyle would say "Miiiiiiiind Baaaaaaaby!" to mock me.  Now, he's changed to "Baaaaaaby Miiiiiiind!"  So if you have to remind me of something 5 times, forgive me.  My baby has taken over all of my brain cells.

New Years was this week.  It was a pretty lame evening.  I'm not a massive drinker by any means, but I love my wine and I freakin love champagne.  The sparkling apple cider was good, but just not quite the same.  I got a sip of Kyle's champagne at midnight, and then went back to the fake crap.

I had a second ultrasound this week, and this one was much better than the first!  The baby popped up on the screen right away this time!  I'm measuring a little behind, but that's ok.  Baby is just taking it's sweet time growing.  With a great ultrasound, we decided to make it facebook official that we are having a baby, as well as calling all of the parents.

Fun week over all!  I'm still figuring out how to work without falling asleep on my desk.

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