Friday, January 13, 2012

7 weeks

Quote from Kyle:

"With a baby and a dog, I just don't know how I'm ever going to leave the house.  That's just too much cute in one house."

This week has been pretty non-eventful.  A lot of this week has been spent with me asleep.  I've been so tired that any chance I've gotten, I've gone to bed.  If I could sleep 10-11 hours every night, I think I could make it all the way through the day.  Nothing else has gotten done, but at least I'm well rested!

I'm dealing with worries and fears that I'm sure every pregnant woman has, especially one that has had a miscarriage before.  I continue to pray for God to take my worries.  This morning, I think I finally figured out what my worry stems from.  I've finally hit the point this week that I couldn't relate to from my last pregnancy.  Up to 6 weeks, I could go "Ok, I know this is good because this is different from my last one."  I didn't make it this far with the last one, so I have no clue how my body reacts to week 7 of pregnancy.  I wake up not sick and worry if that's bad, instead of just being thankful I'm not sick.  I keep reminding myself: Most pregnancies end with babies, and that's evident by the children I work with every week.  And just because I lost the last one, doesn't mean I'll lose this one.  It's definitely a frightening experience over all, but I just have to trust that it's going to be ok, and take it one day at a time. 

On a positive note, I'm really ready to start on the nursery!  I need to talk to the landlord and see if I can paint, but I'd like to paint the room a light grey, either girl or boy, and I've got some bedding picked out for a girl (cause you know, it's gonna be a girl).   I've picked out a crib, and I'll use the antique dresser that's in there already and put a changing pad on top.  I'm waiting until we see a heart beat to start on the room, but I'm definitely anxious to begin! 

This week's cravings:
Sunny D
Iced Tea
Mexican Food

Dumb Pregnant Moment:
I went to get my nightly glass of water.  (seriously, do this EVERY NIGHT.)  I got ice and a straw.  No water. 

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  1.'s just funny that you forgot the's clear, so, you know, a mistake anybody could make, right?? We're praying for you, and trusting that this baby is growing wonderfully & healthfully.