Monday, April 23, 2012

Did ya miss me?

My friend Morgan got on to me a little about blogging.  Apparently it's been awhile.  To be perfectly honest, things have been so rough at our house, I haven't felt like blogging.  We've been taking a break on the baby front to allow me to heal emotionally and physically, and I had nothing interesting to say, and nothing positive to say, so I've kept to myself.  This grief thing is harder than it sounds.

Anyway, there's some big things coming to the Gibson house!  Let me fill you in:

1. I resigned from my job.  Due to budget restrictions, my job hours and pay were going to get drastically cut come July.  This wasn't something we could do or were willing to do, so I resigned effective at the end of May.  We're going to miss the people at church so much, but gotta pay those bills!

2. Resigning from one job, means a new job!  And here's the big one - I'm going to be self-employed.  Like, totally.  Yikes.  I'll be taking on more piano and voice students at home, and working with a middle school in Flower Mound to teach voice lessons during the day starting in the fall.  I'll still be accompanying and doing various other music stuff.  It's actually really a good thing for me, and I'm looking forward to making my own schedule! 

3. I finished writing my book, and it's coming out in a month!!  It's taken almost 2 years of writing, editing, swearing, more writing, researching, copyright permissioning, etc., but it is almost finished.  Copyrights are secured, final edits are in the works, and then it's off to the publisher!  I'm so excited to have this done - I feel like it's part of my new start in life. 

All this change means a very free summer for me, so look for the blogging to start picking up in June...

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  1. I'm so happy for you and your book sucess! You are destined for great things. :)