Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eating Roanoke: Outlaw Burgers

We've now lived in Trophy Club for a YEAR!  It's gone really fast, and we've really enjoyed living in our new little town.  The neighboring town, Roanoke, is known as The Unique Dining Capital of Texas.  We've eaten at a lot of the little places around there, but definitely not all of them. 

Since I've been trying to find anything and everything to fill my time lately, I decided to do just that:  eat at all of them.  And of course, that means you have to hear about them! 

First up?  Outlaw Burgers.  I love this place.  It's in a little strip center two doors down from where the church used to office.  Nice clothes are definitely not required, and be prepared to sop up some grease.  The menu is full of, you guessed it, burgers, and every side is fried in some form or fashion. 

I ordered a bacon cheese burger and fries, and Kyle ordered a blue cheese bacon burger and fried mushrooms.  The burger was perfectly cooked for me, and although the fries weren't as crisp as I'd like, they looked like they were cut straight from the potato.  Kyle's burger had a little bit too much blue cheese for his taste, but he's had other things he's liked better in the past.  The fried mushrooms were heaven.  They are chicken fried and served with ranch dressing, which are a country girl's dream words. 
All in all, I think everything is reasonably priced, it's a nice casual atmosphere, and we'll definitely keep eating there! 

If you want some Outlaw Burger goodness, check it out here:

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  1. Kyle looks pretty excited about this picture! ;)