Sunday, November 4, 2012

We're getting healthy...again.

The Gibsons have gotten a little chunky.  Don't say it if you've already been thinking it, just keep that to yourselves.

Last year in April, we made major changes to our diet and exercise plans (i.e. we made some), and were looking pretty good.  Then everything happened that happened beginning in October of last year, and well, I just didn't care.  (If you have no clue what I'm talking about, we must not have known each other very long...check out the archives of my blog.)

I'm starting to care a little bit more though, and today we are jumping back on the healthy band wagon.  Translation:  I'm going to be sharing a LOT of recipes!  The things that made the biggest difference the last time, and those that we plan on repeating, are this:

1. Exercise when we can.  (I just rode Kyle's bike to the store to pick up some things instead of driving the mile down the road.)

2. We didn't diet.  We changed things.  For instance, we both love something sweet after dinner.  We refer to it as chocolate course, but really, anything sweet will do.  So tonight, instead of digging into the remaining Halloween candy, we made pumpkin frozen yogurt.  (It's currently in the freezer - if it's good, you'll get that recipe tomorrow!)  We love enchiladas - instead, we had tacos with chicken and lots of lettuce and cilantro and guacamole. 

3.  We did it together.  It's no fun if one person suffers alone. 

We'll see how this goes.  If we're insanely grumpy this week, you'll know why!

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