Monday, December 31, 2012

Fast Away the Old Year Passes

I never understood what older people meant about how years sped up as you got older.  Until now.  Last December I closed my eyes and woke up in December 2012.  This year definitely had some ups and done, but I'd like to think that this year began to swing towards the good. 

On the rough side, we suffered our second and third miscarriages this year, resulting in surgery for me, and a very emotionally rough year for both of us.  Having children is still very important to both of us, though, so we'll keep pressing forward and hope that the Lord blesses us with children. 

In terms of Kyle's job, this was a great year.  He got a raise in April and then a promotion in September.  Both were much deserved!  He's worked so hard for years, and I am so proud of him staying the course and making a new career for himself.

My job also took a turn for the better this year.  Due to budget cuts at the church, I was forced to make a decision on what I wanted to do.  I chose to pursue teaching full time and accompanying and to leave the church.  June 1st I began working for myself, and it's been a great first 7 months of being self employed. 

We bought a new car this year, finally trading in the Murano that Kyle got in 2002.  It was a good 10 years, car, but we are glad to be rid of you!

We've now been a year without our Fred dog, but Bryson continues to be the sweetest dog on the planet.  He's a great assistant to my home studio - running security and keeping the kids occupied while they wait for their lessons.  He's a blessing!

We got to travel a little this year, mostly due to work for me - we went to Austin, Salado, and I went to Chicago.  We also traveled to Colorado with my parents for a fun week in the mountains. 

Overall, 2012 was an interesting year, but it was a good one.  I look forward to 2013 being even better.

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  1. Wishing you, Kyle & Bryson all the best in 2013!