Friday, January 18, 2013

I cannot sleep, my mind's aflight

Pregnancy insomnia is really a cruel trick.  We're trying to get as much as rest as we can to grow a kid and all, and we know the end of sleeping through the night is coming soon, so why?  WHY. 

Here's the timeline of last night:

9:45pm Crawl in bed with iPhone
10:15pm Fall asleep texting a friend (sorry Katie)
3:45am Awake to pee
3:47am  Crawl back in bed, lift dog leg so I can get MY legs in the bed. 
3:48am Think of the sweet little heartbeat I saw today.
3:49am I thought of the funniest rhyme last night, what was it?  Oh yeah!  Eat a big meal?  No big deal!  Maternity pants! I am hilarious.
3:53am Oh crap.  The baby did NOT like dinner.  Back to the bathroom.
3:54am Wow.  There are a LOT of people on facebook at this hour!  Oh wait, she's pregnant, too.  I get it friend.  I get it.
4:17am  I'm thirsty.  Oh well,  I'm already awake, might as well get some water.
4:20am Hey it's 4:20.  Isn't that when you're supposed to smoke some pot or something?
4:22am Crawl back in bed.  Kyle's awake, too.  Middle of the night snuggle session with the puppy! 
4:30am Finally fall back asleep.
5:45am Kyle's alarm wakes me up.  Damn.
5:50am Pee again.
5:52am Fall back asleep
7:00am My alarm goes off.  Did I even sleep?!

I'm sure there will be many more nights like this, I have no doubt, but when I think about that dancing little baby growing, I don't mind a bit.


  1. I'm right there with you!! I have such a hard time getting comfortable, I don't feel like my body knows if it's too hot or too cold. One night I actually went and grabbed a different blanket so I could lay on top of the covers and not have to worry about Justin crowding me and making me too warm.
    Every time you wake up it's that thought process of, "do I need to pee?" and hoping that you really don't have to get out of bed, but then deciding I'm not falling asleep so I may as well try to go pee, then coming back to bed and grabbing a swig of water because your mouth feels a little dry but also knowing that swig might come back to haunt you by waking you up again!
    I for one am just enjoying the little time I have left to sleep on my stomach since I am such a belly sleeper!!!

    Also, the "sleepless" nights with a newborn don't have to be terrible. So much of it depends on the kiddo. If you are breastfeeding, you just have to wake up enough to get the kiddo latched on and nursing and then you can zone out a little (read facebook, pinterest, blogs, a book on your phone) and then burp baby and go back to sleep. That is unless you have a baby with colic or reflux or something like that. There are babies who are easy on their parents, hopefully your little jelly bean will be an easy newborn!! :)

  2. Oh girl, I hate to tell you this, but that will get so much worse! In the end you sleep in 2 hour bursts at best. You hurt and have to pee all night long. I think you are practicing for future sleep deprived days with a newborn. Never fear though, sleep training infants is fantastic! We got the quads sleeping all night by four months. Think of what you can do with a singleton.
    Did I mention I am so excited for you????


  3. Congratulations!! I didn't know you were pregnant. AJ was pretty easy as a newborn but Lauren was not. Against my mother in laws warnings that I would roll over and squish her, I just brought her to bed with me. I think I was a living pacifier but at least then I could sleep. Plus cuddling a baby is just so sweet. :)

  4. Can't someone invent a sleep bank?! Seesh!

  5. I am so happy for you!!!! I can't wait to meet your little bundle of joy!!