Friday, January 25, 2013

10 weeks

This post is a few days overdue, but you know how it is.  You get tired, blah blah blah, don't post...


My pregnancy app says my regular clothes may just now starting to get a bit snug.  Ha.  Hate to tell you, app, but my regular pants went out the door a month a go, and tops are soon to go as they are getting too short.  It's not so much a baby bump yet as a bloat/uterus pushing everything else out of the way/I drink 5 gallons of liquid in a day now bump.   Whatever.  Baby causes it, so I will rock this bloat bump (blump!) all day!

The all day sickness has subsided, but I go back and forth between being sick in the mornings and being sick at night.  Nights are typically the hardest, and I can't stand to be in the kitchen smelling anything cooking, so needless to say, Kyle has been doing some cooking, or we've been going out.  My biggest complaint right now is exhaustion.  I could easily sleep 12 hours a night and still take a nap in the afternoon.  

We met with our landlord yesterday and got permission to paint the nursery!  YAY!  If you haven't seen the room that is to be the baby's room, it is a not so lovely shade of blue and orange.  Yeah.  I'm convinced that if required to leave it that way, our baby would never sleep.  I have a wall color in mind, but I want to decide on bedding for both boy and girl before I paint.  

So that's it!  Not much exciting, but that's just the way I would love for this pregnancy to go!  Totally predictable and normal. 


  1. You get to paint!!! Yay!!!!! No more man cave :)

  2. I love the yellow/grey/owls idea you had before. Classy, simple & trendy.
    I remember walking from my kitchen across my small living room and laying down in the hall to nap because I was just too tired to make it another 15 feet to my bed, lol!