Thursday, January 31, 2013

11 weeks

This is late again.  Whatever.  Just expect it.

It's been pretty hilarious to hear my students' thoughts on their piano teacher having a baby.  One of them drew me a picture of my baby playing the piano (I guess it's coming out super talented).  While it kind of looked like a blob with a bunch of penises, I really appreciated the thought!  Another one of my students, who was old enough to understand about the miscarriage I had before said, "Is this one for real this time?"  Others just look at my slightly bulging belly and are a little scared, while the junior high girls are already planning on the baby being their apprentice (now I'm scared). 

This week I had a major allergy attack kick in and felt pretty crummy with that, but pregnancy wise, I started to feel somewhat normal.  I actually managed to cook a meal!  Success!  It's really interesting to see how my body has already changed.  My hips are wider (as if they really could get any wider), and my lower abdomen is hardening.  It's not the rock hard abs I'm sure women dream of, but I'm pretty happy with them!  

We celebrated Kyle's birthday this week - 32!  

Pregnancy brain has kicked in BIG time around here.  I can say something to Kyle, he'll answer me back, and I will have totally forgotten what I said in the first place 5 seconds ago.  I agreed to fill in at choir rehearsal ON his birthday like an idiot.  (Thankfully he was fine with that, and we're going out together this weekend.)  My favorite pregnancy brain moment however, happened right before Christmas.  

Kyle and I always head to World Market each year to buy stuff for each other's stockings.  We fill it with interesting treats and wine (well, not this year), and sometimes a thing for the kitchen.  We start the trip by taking a walk around the store together to hint what we want to the other one.  When we went through the pet aisle to grab a few things for Bryson, they had an awesome doggy gingerbread house!  I thought surely this would be a tasty treat, but there was one thing I just couldn't figure out. 

 "Kyle, what does he do?  Does he decorate it?" 
"Does the dog decorate the gingerbread house?  Really, Michelle?"

So there you go!  Find out next week how we found out how I was pregnant!  (If I remember to post, that is.)


  1. HAHAHAHHA so very cute about the doggie gingerbread house!

  2. LOL! Sadly, Pregnancy Brain never goes away, only the name changes--Mommy Brain! Congrats, again!