Wednesday, February 27, 2013

15 weeks

Something happened these last two weeks that I'm not real happy about.

I gained 2 lbs.

Yes, it's the first two pounds of my pregnancy.  Yes, I know you are supposed to gain weight during your pregnancy.  I think I somehow I hoped I would magically get thinner on the rest of my body while just my belly got bigger.  

That part is a little harder than I thought.  I worked hard the last year and a half to lose some weight, and it's hard to see pounds go back on.  I don't recognize my body all of the sudden - it's weird.  (This post will get happier, I promise, I'm just a little down today.)

Here's the 15 week pic:  

On Sunday we got the official start on the nursery!  We picked up the crib!  We found a great deal at Costco on a convertible bed.  It was beautiful, just the right design and color, and we love it.  It was the last one, display model, so it was $75 off AND it was already assembled!  Now, don't pay attention to the walls in this picture - this horrid paint was done by the landlord, but it WILL be getting painted over spring break!  (We'll take the dart board down, too...)

This next week will be a busy week of accompanying for me, which is hard any year, but it seems to be especially draining this year.  Oh well - this too shall pass!  

On to the next week!


  1. I near ya on the frustration of knowing you need and will gain wit an watching it happen. Bu, you look great! And the crib looks great, too!

  2. Oh, look at my little petite baby. AH, I can't WAIT to find out boy or girl, although we all know what our guess is ;)