Wednesday, March 13, 2013

17 Weeks

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This is the wrap up of 16 and 17 weeks, as I just totally missed last week.  I was about at my wit's end with school and needed a break SO bad.  I'm so happy to have a week off this week - my sanity needed it!  We realized last week that I have pregnancy induced night time motion sickness.  Blech.  After throwing up all over Trophy Club Dr., we tried to figure something out.  It's better if I drive, and it's even better if I talk to someone when I drive.  Oh well, only a few more weeks of late night choir practice, and I think I can make it.

17 weeks started with a BANG with me being on tv!  That deserves its own post, so look for that one later.  We also got the baby room painted!  It's a beautiful shade of aqua (and no, we don't know girl or boy, I just really like the color!).  

My pregnant college bestie came to visit this past weekend, and we noticed something:  Being pregnant has a lot of similarities to being a college party girl.  And keep in mind, most of these we haven't experienced first hand, we just know.  Examples:

Throwing up in the street
Pregnant or college?

Cleaning the vomit off your shoes so you can wear them the next day
Pregnant or college?

Midnight taco runs
Pregnant or college?

Naps and wanting to sleep all the time
Pregnant or college?

What is your pregnant or college girl moment?  Share it in the comments, and then go visit one of my awesome friends, Holly,mommy of two cuties at  She's hilarious and you'll love reading her blog!

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  1. Borrowing clothes from friends
    Pregnant or college?

    I literally only bought 4 maternity tops b/c I just mooched from all my friends. :)