Tuesday, March 19, 2013

18 Weeks - It's a Boy!

It's a BOY!  I think I'm still in shock.  I have a son.  I truly thought it was a girl, so it was a HUGE surprise for me!  Not that I'm disappointed, I just really wasn't expecting it!

It took as awhile for William to cooperate with us.  Much like his mama, he just wasn't in the mood for waking up!  He had his hands up by his face, curled up in one side of my uterus, sitting indian style.  The sonographer was pushing all over my belly just trying to get him to wake up and move!  Finally after some vigorous shaking with the wand over my stomach, which totally freaked Kyle out, he stretched out a leg to switch positions, and there it was!  

Everything looked healthy and great.  Because of my stubborn son, they didn't get as good of a view of his spine as they wanted, so I have another ultrasound in 4 weeks just to double check, but my OB felt very confident that everything was fine. 

It's funny, because as soon as I lay down at night, it is a dance party in my belly, but come morning time, that boy is crashed out.   I still can't believe I'm writing boy.  Son.  So weird!!

We started registering today too, that was fun, but very overwhelming!  So many choices and decisions!  I'm glad Kyle got to go with me today, as I'll probably do the other ones on my own, but it was a fun experience to do together.  We were not that great at the scanner...I accidentally registered for 17 shopping cart covers.  (changed it)  I guess I'm outfitting all shopping carts in Target.  Haha.

So the name!  Our little boy will be William Preston Gibson.  The name has many family relations.  William is Kyle's first name, and there has been a William or Mary in each generation for a long time.  Preston is after my great grandfather, who was a wonderful Christian man.  He had a huge impact on my faith growing up, and I'm honored to name my child after him.  Also, my great great grandfather was William Preston.  So as you can see, the name is well drenched in family history.  And he will go by William, as we didn't want to confuse him with the whole middle name thing.

That's it!  Long post today, but what a day!

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  1. So happy for you! Love names that mean something. Are you sure that you don't want to spell it Wilyum or something crazy like that ; ) jk! Can't wait to 'meet' him!