Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On Being a Boy Mom (and our giveaway winner!)

First of all, a BIG congrats to Emily C. from Maryland, our big lucky giveaway winner!  Go check out her blog at  Congrats Emily!

I always thought I would have girls.  I may be a country girl, but I'm really more the Southern Belle type.  I love shoes, pedicures, Coach purses...and a good glass of iced tea.  I imagined getting pedicures with my daughter and having lunch dates and shopping...lots of shopping.  

Boy was I surprised yesterday to see boy parts!!  I think I was still in shock yesterday and trying to wrap my head around my little kiddo.  Don't take that last part the wrong way - I am THRILLED to be having a baby, and I didn't care what it was, I was just surprised!!  But as God does, He surprises us in the neatest ways.  

As I've had about 36 hours to digest and envision this new life to come, I am beyond thrilled.  I have to tell you, being a boy mom is going to be awesome!!  I know there are many things that I am yet to discover about this, but here are the things I've thought of so far that rock:

1.  Not sharing my clothes and shoe budget.  Boys need WAY less accessories, meaning that stuff still goes to Mama.  

2.  I'll now be completely outnumbered in the house, including the dog, which means I remain the Queen of the Household.  

3.  Boys LOVE their mamas.  We were discussing this in the choir office today, and one of the orchestra aides (boy) chimed in with, "My mom is AWESOME!"  

4.  A boy and his dog.  Oh my goodness will Bryson dog have a new best friend.

5.  Getting to watch my husband teach William sports and how to be a rough and tumble boy, while at the same time learning how to properly treat ladies.

I get more and more excited by the minute about this little blessing.  I can't wait to meet my son! 


  1. This made me want to cry a little. You are going to be an awesome boy mom! I can't wait to see him!

  2. I just KNEW Ryan was going to be a girl! Had the same experience as you after the gender sono (and even cried in the room, thinking "HOW am I going to be a boy mommy?") When we found out Will was a boy, I was almost relieved (and thought, "yea for all the $ we save with getting to reuse all Ryan's great boy stuff!") I think God definitely has a sense of humor. I was most definitely NOT going to Baylor (and then loved it), was NOT going to be a teacher (and loved it), and just KNEW I'd have 2 girls (like my sister and I). While I do admit, there are times I worry about knowing enough about sports and "boy stuff", I have never loved two little people the way I love those 2 darling boys. YOU will be a wonderful "boy mommy". . . so excited for y'all! (Time to stop since I'm tearing up!) :)

  3. Oh, you are definitely going to love it! After having Hudson, now I can't imagine having a girl, lol! I still want to buy ruffles and bows when I see them, but other than that, I am SUCH the boy mom!! Congrats again! :D


  4. You are going to rock being a mom to sweet William Preston. Boys are the best!! I wanted a boy and got a boy and haven't regretted it for one moment! Congratulations!