Tuesday, March 26, 2013

19 weeks

I read in my pregnancy books that the second trimester meant having the appetite of a trucker.  Oh good gracious Lord were they right!  I can NOT stop eating.  I wake up in the middle of the night hungry.  I have breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, sometimes second dinner.  Amazingly, I'm still between 1 and 3 lbs gained (it goes back and forth).  It has to be dropping from somewhere else, as my belly is getting bigger all the time!

This has been a fun week of really picturing our life with our son.  Kyle is already planning fishing trips with William and his friends and their boys, and I am already planning days of shopping and wine while they are gone.  hehe.  For real though, I am so excited about my little boy.  One of my students was waiting on grandma to pick him up today and so he went out in the backyard and played fetch with Bryson while Kyle was grilling dinner.  It was like getting a glimpse into my future.  I taught my student how to throw the ball for the pup so that he could catch it in his mouth, and then Bryson would run away with the ball, making my student fetch him.  My heart is full!

And wrapping up the week - My mother in law is a 5th grade teacher, and we received a really fun package from her class yesterday.  On finding out that we were having a boy, each child in her class made us a card with their advice on raising our child.  Some of it was pretty solid.  We got things such as:

1.  Don't leave him unattended.
2.  Give him all your love.
3.  Change his diaper often. 
4.  Buy him Jordans from the mall. 
5.  Let him visit his grandma often.  (I'm thinking extra credit was given for this one.)
6.  Teach him so he can pass all the grades and go to college.

My favorite, however, was a special piece of advice just for Kyle...

"Be prepared, because pregnant people can be moody.  Trust me, my sister is pregnant!"

Those kids are so smart!