Saturday, July 6, 2013

Maternity Fashion: Church

I used to be cold in church.  I have 5 billion cardigans in different colors, arm lengths, and material, and one was usually attached to my arm as I headed out the door in the summer. 

I've forgotten what it was like to be cold!  I have to admit, it's kind of nice to be comfortable in an air conditioned building!

For church, I needed something light and comfy, but also something that let me move around on the organ bench easily.  Old Navy came through for me again!

It was around $20, and I just love this color for summer!  I tend to be a dress person in the summer anyway (can't beat the airflow!), so for me, this was a great purchase. 

It is a little plain, so I jazzed it up with a bright pink necklace.  I actually made this one last summer, so it's a one of a kind, but I'm sure you can find something that would do the trick. 

I would show you the shoes I wore, but they aren't fancy - just my go to flip flops since I needed to slip on the organ shoes. 

Happy summer!

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