Monday, July 1, 2013

31 in Review

It seems fitting that my last day of 32 weeks pregnant, I would turn 32!  How either of those numbers got so high is beyond me.  I still think of myself as so much younger than I am, until I look at kids graduating from high school and realize I'm 15 YEARS OLDER than they are.  Dang.

On my birthday each year, I love to take a little bit of time and look back at the year that just ended, and set up some goals for the coming year.  The goals will come in a later birthday post, but let's take a look back at last year.  (Go ahead and cue up Sarah Mclahlan's "I Will Remember You"...if you're old enough to actually know what song I'm talking about.)

July 2012
I was not excited about celebrating my birthday last year.  It had been a really rough year - thankfully, this year was completely different!!  I released my first (and only, so far) book, To Hymn We Sing, on July 5th last year.  It took about 2 years to complete it, and I was so happy to have it finished!  Watch for a sale this week, speaking of...  :)  We ended up the month with traveling to Waco for Cameron and Megan Talley's wedding!

August 2012
Kyle and I took our CHL class (and passed).  I enjoyed getting to learn all the different parts of Texas law and how they came to be.  I also finished writing a Christmas piece and found out that it was going to be sung in several schools that year - including a community college in Michigan!

September 2012
September began with a trip to Salado for Justin and Ashleigh Johnson's wedding!  We had a great time getting away right before it was time for me to start teaching.  I began my second year at Downing Middle School (after a year off in between).  Kyle and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on 9/9 by going out to dinner and buying new sheets for our bed.  We ended the month with a week in Colorado with my parents.  It's so beautiful in the fall when the leaves change!

October 2012
We came back from vacation to a promotion for Kyle!  What a nice change from years past!  Bryson dressed up as a dinosaur for Halloween and helped me pass out candy.

November 2012
November brought a trip to Waco for Baylor homecoming, which was fun as always, and our annual trip to Waxahachie for Thanksgiving.

December 2012
This was quite a month!  I found out on December 6th I was pregnant, after almost passing out at school.  I then performed in 19 concerts, including getting to conduct a couple of songs I composed on the Downing Christmas Concert, and traveling to Chicago to perform at Midwest.  Keeping such a big secret when I wanted to puke my guts out and had to travel across country was really hard!!  We had a lovely white Christmas at our home with both sides of the family.

January 2013
We rang in the new year quietly and at home, and I'm pretty sure I was in bed before midnight as sick as I was.  I had my first ultrasound on January 17th, and saw a happy, dancing baby.  Kyle turned 32, and we had fun celebrating his birthday with family!

February 2013
Pregnancy sickness hit full on this month as I balanced accompanying and puking.  We had a nice Valentine's dinner with my extended family, and I continued going to bed at 8pm.  :)

March 2013
We found out that little baby robot was full on BOY!  Mom and I painted the nursery, and I managed to get all the paint off my hands in time to accompany a choir on Good Morning, Texas.  William and I had our first tv appearance! March wrapped up with a trip to Waco for Easter and a visit to St. Paul's - Kyle's old church.

April 2013
April was a crazy month of accompanying, with something every single weekend, but ended with a nice little Wacation for Kyle and I.  We had a fun weekend in Waco doing all the things we never get to do when we are visiting family or attending Baylor events.

May 2013
May was another month of playing nonstop, but I am so grateful for the work!  I wrapped up another of year of school at Downing, and finished up the month with State Solo and Ensemble in Austin.

June 2013
Finally time for the baby showers!  We have had such a fun time preparing for little William and getting his room ready this month.  This month flew by, I slowed down tremendously, and we ended June up last night in Austin for Adam and Courtney DeBower's wedding.

What a year!  Career wise, this has been one of the most exciting years of my life.  Personal wise, the fun is just beginning.  I can't wait to see what 32 brings! 

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