Thursday, December 26, 2013

The First Christmas

Do you ever have those thoughts that you then think, "I probably shouldn't say this out loud."  So you don't.

You write it down in a blog instead.

This was my first Christmas as a mom (duh), and as I reflected on the Christmas story, my mind now wandered to all new levels having actually experienced labor and delivery now. 

DISCLAIMER:  This is not at all meant to be sacreligous in any way, it's just where my brain went.  Stay with me here.

Mary and Joseph traveled across the land with a camel or some animal to reach their destination while I'm sure she was in the initial stages of labor.  That had to be the most uncomfortable bumpy ride ever.  And I was mad because Kyle put the towel down in the driver's seat like I was going to drive my own self to the hospital after my water broke.

I also wonder if while Mary was in labor, if Joseph complained about the bay of hay he had to sit on, letting her know how uncomfortable it was, or that the room was freezing, as she is sweating profusely and having contraction after uncomfortable contraction. 

Did Joseph run out for a sandwich while Mary was in labor and couldn't eat anything?  Then come back and tell her it was the best sandwich ever?  (Ok, ok, probably not.  There were no Subways back then.)

Did Joseph help Mary push?  Who cleaned up everything back then?  Did she get to rest for a few days? 

The manger scene is always portrayed so beautiful and magical, and while labor and delivery definitely has its magical moments, it is also messy, disgusting, and amazing all at the same time.  I would love to be a fly on a cow's back in that barn to see how it all went down.

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