Sunday, December 29, 2013

WP's Nursery: The mobile

Before William Preston was born (or WP as we call him on the internets), I had the unique situation of being able to design a room from scratch.  The whole room.  At one time.  I don't know about you, but if my husband came home one day and I had done this to any other room in the house, I might be in trouble.  However, when a BABY comes along, all bets are off!

So much of his room was done by me and my mother by hand, that one post will not do it justice.  And I really should start withe paint and work my way up from there, but well, I don't feel like, and this is my blog.

WP's mobile is actually a late addition to his room.  I made it for him for Christmas, and we just got it hung up.  I looked for a mobile I liked, but honestly, I just couldn't find one I liked that I was willing to pay for.  With a little searching on the internet, I had an idea of where I needed to go.

I started by picking up some felt in the colors of his room (about 20 cents a piece at your Michael's).  I sketched out a pattern and used those patterns to cut the pieces of felt.  I chose robots, since that became the theme of his room (but that's a whole other story). 

Next, I broke out my embroidery needle and white embroidery thread, and stitched around the main parts, using a little bit of pillow stuffing before I sealed them to give it a little dimension.  I used felt glue to secure the decorative pieces of felt and to glue the arms and legs together.

(Ignore my desk - it's old and worn, but it was my great-grandmother's, and I love it!)  I used fishing wire to attach the robots to an embroidery hoop.  The size of the embroidery hoop and the quantity and size of your pieces is totally up to you.  I chose to keep mine pretty small to not overtake the decorations already in his room. 

We're renting, so I didn't want to put a permanent large hole in the ceiling.  Since mine is on the smaller side, I used a Command hook that was intended for Christmas lights.  We tied the fishing line to the command hook, and stuck it to the ceiling.

I love how this turned out!  I've already taken WP in there and turned on the fan to make his robots dance!  He loved them!

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