Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sewing Corner

"Sewing Corner" sounds like it should be the name of a show on PBS, but no, it's part of my house.

Kyle got tired of my sewing machine being in the living room, and I got tired of having to drag it out every time I wanted to do something.  It needed its own space, and I needed to be able to sit down and sew when I had time.

We haven't talked about this a lot, but we haven't really made it public either.  Our lease is up in April, and our landlord may or may not want to sell this house.  We are ready to buy, so we may very well be moving in a couple of months. 

So basically I needed a permanent space in a place that may not be permanent, and not to spend any money on something that may not fit in a new house.  I made some space in our guest room and went to work finding something around the house I could make work to put my sewing machine on.  I'd been using an antique table that belonged to my Nanny we had in the living room , and that seemed like the perfect thing to move use.

This table was the perfect size!  I added a lamp we had sitting around not using, and boom.  Sewing Table.  (And yes, that's a Dr Pepper back there.  Everyone needs Dr Pepper when they sew!  Or wine.  Wine works, too.)

My mom gave me a thread rack for Christmas, so I put that on the desk nearby, since we're not putting anything else on the walls right now.

The antique sewing machine here belonged to my great-grandmother.

Now where to store all my fabric?  The women in our family have a slight fabric addiction.  When we cleaned out my Nanny's house, we cleaned out an entire room of fabric.  My grandmother once had an old fridge in her dining room with all of her fabric in it.  My mother turned one of her rooms into a sewing room, with her multiple machines and the closet solely for fabric.

We have a problem.

This dresser was mine as a girl, and my mom's before that, and already in our guest room!  It's now filled with my craft supplies and fabric, and out of the way!

So there you go!  My absolutely free sewing corner that can move to anywhere we go!

What creative ways have you come up with to make room for your craftiness?

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