Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Teachanista: Emerald Jacquard Pants

I bought new pants this weekend.  Three things have made them my new favorite pants:

1.  They're green. 
2.  They are ankle pants, which means they aren't too long for me.
3.  I bought them on clearance!  $9.99 people (they're $19.99 online, in store was cheaper!)

Navy Blue Tee:  Target
Green Awesome Pants:  Old Navy (here)
Gold Necklace:  I've had this one forever, you can find something long and gold anywhere.
Shoes:  DSW, my go to sparkle shoes

You can't see the full jacquard print on these babies, but click on the link to see an up close view. 

Oh, I love these pants! 

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