Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wannabe Pioneer Woman: Green Smoothie

I am not a smoothie person.  They're tasty, but they just don't seem like real food.  As a snack, I think they're great.  As a meal, no.

I decided to make this on New Year's Day for lunch.  We were going to have a big dinner that night, so we needed to cut some calories out the rest of the day.

This smoothie was chock full of fruit, which I loved!
 Look at all that tasty fruit!!  Also, I need a bigger blender.

WP wasn't really sure about the noise of the blender.

I liked everything in this one, but the texture of the kale.  Again though, I think it's because I don't have a big enough or strong enough blender to really mix all this together.

I served the smoothies up in my vintage Baylor glasses, since it was the day of our bowl game.  Kyle was a fan, and I would make them again as well (sans kale!).  

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