Sunday, January 5, 2014

WP's Nursery: The Changing Area

William's room is my absolute favorite room in the house.  I've said it before, I'll say it again.  It is so cheery, so happy, and every detail put together so carefully and with so much love and anticipation.  I even love the area where we change him. 

The diapers?  Notsomuch. 


 I love it!  If you have to do the dirty work, you might as well have a pretty place to do it.

 I didn't want to buy an actual changing table, since you use them for a little while and then you're done.  I decided to use this antique dresser that I already had.  I bought it right out of college for $125, and it's been one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  Now it will be WP's dresser as he grows up!
 All of these frames came from Hobby Lobby.  William loves to talk to the picture of me when I change him, and I love seeing the sweet baby pictures, reminding me of his tiny little self.  And who doesn't love a chalkboard!  That came from Hobby Lobby also, and I painted it to match his room.
 This basket came from Babies R Us and sits on his hamper next to the changing table.  It's filled with diapers, lotion, cotton rounds, a hair brush, etc.  On the other side of the table is the Diaper Genie.  Oh my goodness - this is a necessity.  We tried it without it for the first week or so, and after the stench of everything, we ordered it immediately. 
On top of the dresser sits the wipes, a paci (because we always need a paci handy), and a changing pad.  My mom made the changing covers - he has this green one and an orange chevron one that match the rest of the fabrics in his room - and I love being able to easily switch them out.  We always have a waterproof liner on top of the cover just in case.  WP doesn't pee on things often, but he spits up so much that this is a life saver. 

There you have it!  What is the most useful item in your baby's changing area?

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  1. I love having a basket. Since after not long, we would dare change Bruce on the changing table anymore since he wouldn't lay still. The basket goes wherever we change him. Now its in the living room.