Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wannabe Pioneer Woman: Loaded Cornbread

Lately, Texas got this idea that it wants to be cold.  I hate cold.  Hate it.  But it keeps coming, so warm food must be made!

On one of our recent freezing spells, I put a bag of beans and ham hocks in the crockpot before I left for work, and whipped up Ree's cornbread to go with it.   

The cornbread is so colorful!  It's basically a normal cornbread recipe with a bunch of peppers.  

 Look how pretty!  These can be cut ahead of time, too, to save you valuable time trying to get dinner on the table.  

Her cornbread could be made in the skillet or oven.  I chose to do the peppers in the skillet, and put everything in the oven. 

It came out looking beautiful!  

It was fairly tasty, too.  I prefer a sweeter cornbread, so this wasn't my favorite, but  it went well with the beans.  

Now if that isn't a good Southern meal, I don't know what is! 

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