Sunday, February 2, 2014

Your parents are musical? Here's your life.

I read this hilarious Buzzfeed article about kids that grew up in musical families, and I sat cackling on the couch to myself, because this IS my husband's family.  My family wasn't overly musical, but my mom and grandma and I would sit down at the piano and sing hymns in three part harmony (Mema's a tenor.  It was handy.).  Since WP will grow up in a very musical household, I decided to put together my own list. 

Your parents are musical?  Here's your life:  

1.  You ALWAYS go to church on Christmas Eve.  Not because you should, but because Mom is playing the organ.  Or the piano.   Or singing.  Or all three.

2.  You get to see your grandparents and godparents at least once a week because Mom and Dad have rehearsal.

3.  You've already sat through more piano lessons than most children ever by age 1. 

This was actually during a piano lesson.  He was two feet from the piano.

4.  Doesn't everyone have a grand piano, a clarinet, a guitar, and at least 7 saxophones at their disposal?

5.  You change churches because the music director changes, not the pastor.  (Oh, and that might have also been your mom.)

6.  The national anthem at sporting events is quickly followed by a family critique session.

7.  You get to football games early so you can hear the band pre-game show.  (Texas, our Texas!  Texas, Texas, Texas...)

         Texas 09

 8.  You eat dinner at 4:30 like senior citizens so that everyone can get to rehearsal.

9.  Family holidays usually involve at least one composer or conductor in attendance.

10.  You will never ever ever live down that you made your mother puke in the middle of a concert when she was pregnant with you, and she swallowed it and kept on singing. 

Yup, that happened.