Friday, March 14, 2014

House Hunting

Umm, yeah.  I haven't blogged in a month.  I haven't forgotten about all of you, I just get REALLY busy in February.  Pile on the normal busyness with house hunting, and I was barely making it.  Spring break is FINALLY here, though, so I have time for cooking, packing, and blogging!

I wrote that paragraph on Sunday night.  To follow came Kyle getting strep, WP having croup, a double ear infection, and cutting his first tooth, Bryson cutting his foot, and me getting a cold.  Seriously.  

So our house hunting adventure...

To follow our time window of needing to move Easter weekend, we needed to close early to mid-April, meaning we need to have an accepted offer mid-March, and the first time I had to actually go looking was March 2nd.  Two weeks to pick something and get an offer accepted. 

I didn't need two weeks.

In the days of the internet, I feel like you should already have a good idea of what's out there.  We had it narrowed down to about 6-7 houses, set the date and time with my bestie realtor Stef, and were set to go!  Sunday morning an ice storm hit.  Sleet, snow, you name it, it was falling.  I seriously had to go house hunting, and Stef was incredible and met us anyway! 

We slipped and slid our way to a new construction home office, which of course the home we came to look at conveniently "sold yesterday," so we conveniently walked back out the door. 

We were greeted with big dog barks at the second home we went to, but surely the owner put her dog up.  Nope.  A large German shepherd dog met us at the door, and was not too thrilled that we were there.  For some reason, I decided to be the dog whisperer (idiot), and went in to try and calm the dog, while Kyle and Steffi stood on the porch.  He barked at me non-stop, and somehow I got this giant mad dog that could have killed me into the study and closed the doors.  If that wasn't enough, the owner met us in the hall in her pjs, obviously as surprised to see us as the dog.  She swears she never got a call, but I swear she'd been smoking something.

We rang the doorbell at the next home, hoping not to get a repeat of the former home.  We got a repeat, though...of the door bell.  It didn't stop.  It kept going.  And going.  And going.  It was so loud, we couldn't hear ourselves talk.  Kyle finally got that one shut off.  Then there was the back bedroom full of dolls.  Creepy, staring at you dolls.  I'm out.

The next couple of homes were blah, and as the snow kept falling, we decided to go to one more - our favorite online home.  It was beautiful.  It didn't disappoint, either!  We loved it from the minute we walked in.  A gorgeous study, right at the front, tile floors that look like wood (cool, right?)  deep dark stained cabinets, a fireplace mantle that is beyond gorgeous.  All of the nice features they could pick for this home, they did.

We put in an offer the next day (which is a story all in its own), and two days later we had an executed contract.  I promised Kyle I wouldn't post pics until we close, but trust me, it's gorgeous!


  1. House hunting is indeed an adventure no one will forget. It’s no fun on days when you end with nothing, which I’m glad that it didn’t happen to you. But thinking through on your journey, there’s a lot of fun out of it. Anyway, I hope the closing process will be finish soon, so you’ll able to fix your house and make it your own.

    Keith @ Bennington Springs

  2. What a day! The whole thing sounds like quite an adventure; it can be fun, frightening, and hilarious at the same time. But at the end of the day, it is what we have accomplished that counts. I hope you finally closed the deal! Have a good one!

    Blair Berdusco