Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nailed it.

I had grand visions of summer.  This is my first summer as a part time stay at home mom, and I'm assuming my other teacher friends are like this, too.  You can't just stay at home during the summer.  There have to be activities.  Activities and field trips and things that build your child's brain or you are a crappy mother and teacher the end.  (Totally not true, but I know you feel me.)

That, coupled with my need for order and a schedule and more Type A nonsense, turned into today's major fail.  You see, my friends make fun of me, because I'm the one that decorates for the seasons around the house, even with a newborn.  I make homemade cookies instead of picking some up.  My child's bedding is handmade.  None of these things are in an attempt to be better than anyone else or to prove anything, it's just the way I like to do things. 

It started with this pin:
This woman did this with her baby!!  I can do this!!!  Summer!  4th of July! 

Got my paints...

Gathered up a tiny tshirt, a paper plate, and wipes.  I'm ready to go.


Getting paint on his hand was easy.  The thing is, when babies get things in their little hands, they scrunch them together, and don't open them up.  Then they do open them up, and they touch everything.  That doesn't even look like a handprint.

Then the tiny painted hand went everywhere else, too.  (Note the blue splotch on the bottom.)  As I'm trying to get wipes to that paint, he was smearing it on me, his arm, and his head.  


Next, I tried painting the stripes, and because of the paint brush I picked, it came out looking like a gay marriage equality shirt with a big blue splotch.  I added a few more lines to try and fix that, and attempted to get some of the blue paint of the bottom.  

My first thought was, "This is going straight in the trash," but I decided this was a good reminder for myself that not everything has to be perfectly put together.  

So here you go - my imperfect hair, my messy kitchen, and my child with blue paint on his head.

He still may not wear it outside the house...


  1. You both have priceless smiles!

  2. That's awesome!! You should see my infant son's handprint in our concrete slab for our new house that we did two weeks ago. Yeah, he wouldn't open his hand at all. It looks like a raccoon smeared his paw on our slab. :) And....oh yeah, it's permanent!