Tuesday, April 30, 2013

24 Weeks (and 22...and 23...oops)

I didn't post the last two weeks.  I know you were watching and waiting for another post, but I just didn't feel like it, so there!  You didn't miss much.  At 22 weeks, we did have another ultrasound to check on William's spine, and all looks great!  He was just as stubborn as before and was not interested in moving around, but she finally got him to move around!  We confirmed it was a boy (haha, good thing!)  and I loved getting to see my squirmy little boy again. 

 Look at his big ol' sasquatch feet!  And those are super strong big piano hands!

Everyone has been full of questions for me lately!  I've answered a few for you below, and I'll try and add some more on my next post as well. 

Q:  Are you sure there is only one in there?  
A:  Yes.   Refer to the above ultrasound, or I can give you my ob's number and you can ask her.

Q:  Are you going to waddle like that all the way through August?
A:  Probably.  You would too if someone had their foot in your bladder.

Q:   Are you going to breast feed?
A:  No, but the baby might.

It's also interesting to watch people stare at your belly as you walk by.  Some of my students watch me with caution, like an alien is going to bust out at any moment.  Some people go out of their way to make sure the pregnant lady has a place to sit, which I have to admit, I really enjoy.  And nobody questions if you need a nap in the middle of the day, or if you need a fruit cup like right damn now.  It's definitely hard getting larger and having to pee 80 times a day, but overall, I think pregnancy agrees with me. 

What was your most ridiculous question asked when you were pregnant?


  1. I got the "are you sure theres only one?" alot too. I also got the comment, man, your getting fat! which is another one you don't want to hear! Our sound guys at church started to count the times I got up to pee at church, it was awful, but I couldn't help it!

  2. I hate stupid pregnancy comments. I mean, seriously, I was asked last week if I was having twins, and then how far along I was. When I mentioned less than 7 weeks to go, she replied, "Oh, you're really not that big." Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Sorry, moment of pregnant angst there. People are so dumb.

    At any rate, you look fabulous, and squirmy little boy looks pretty good in the ultrasound, too.

    We need to schedule a play date for next summer. ;-)