Tuesday, May 28, 2013

28 weeks

The last few weeks have been a blur of activity with work.  May is always my busiest month with concerts and recitals and various things, and let me say, this year nearly did me in.  However, it's about done, and I survived!  My job is so seasonal that I work ridiculously hard and then get a nice break!

WP is getting bigger, and according to my baby app, he should weigh about 2.25 lbs.  My weight gain is still nice and low, but my belly is HUGE.  People ask me all the time how long I have left to go, and when I answer them, I get, "Oh my" or big wide eyes.  Yes people.  I know.

The weirdest thing to happen in the last week is that I can occasionally rub my stomach and make out an actual body part.  I was feeling around the side of my stomach last week when all of the sudden I realized HOLY #$&* THAT'S A FOOT.  He stuck out a foot yesterday while we were out and I put Kyle's hand there, and the expression on his face matched my first reaction.  You can visibly see his kicks moving my stomach around now, too.  If I leave a hand on my stomach, he'll kick or punch it (I like to think of it as a fist bump) and tonight he's already knocked my computer out of the way a couple of times.

My body is starting to feel a bit worn.  Thankfully, the crazy stuff work wise is done, so now I can just keep working like a normal person.

On a side note, Kyle and I are taking bets on when my belly button is going to pop out.  I'm going for 30 weeks.  Kyle went with Thursday.  Your guess?

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