Tuesday, June 4, 2013

29 weeks

Seriously where is the time going?!  So many people have said to me that they felt like they were pregnant forever - I feel like I just found out yesterday and now he's HUGE.

I had the standard glucose test this week.  For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of this test, you drink about 8 oz. of this nasty drink (mine was fruit punch flavored) in 10 minutes or less, and then in exactly one hour they draw your blood and test your glucose levels to make sure you don't have gestational diabetes.  Then you wait for 2 business days to get your results.  I had my test Friday morning.  Since the dr's office is about 45 minutes away, I drank mine about 10 minutes into the drive (I didn't want to get stuck in traffic).  I chugged that crap like I was back in college.  I of course was early to the appointment (for once) and had to sit and wait.  By the time one hour had passed, I was not feeling well.  I figured it was from not eating that morning and the enormous amount of sugar I had just had.  She got my blood drawn, and I guess my face didn't look so good, because the nurse kept asking if I was ok.  Seconds after she got it drawn, I projectile vomited that red drink (thankfully into the trash can) in the lab.  Thankfully, I passed the test and don't need to adjust anything, but I still ate a bunch of cake this weekend....just in case.

I also had my first shower this week!  I'm so blessed to have several showers for Willie P - we have so many different groups of friends and locations that it just worked out that way.  I'm not complaining - I love parties!!  I know so many of you have shared in our struggle over the last couple of years, and I love that you are all so eager to share in our joy as well!  Kyle's family friends threw the first shower in Waco this past weekend, and it was wonderful.  I'm pretty sure this baby is going to have more clothes and shoes than I am, though! 

 From L to R:  Kyle's Nana, My Mema, Me, My Mom, Kyle's Mom

I am getting larger and larger (by the day it seems), and WP was measuring a few days ahead at my last appointment.  I've only gained 11 pounds, and I actually lost one these past two weeks, but not on purpose, I promise!  I think I was just working so much that I ate a bunch of cereal for meals, and there it went.   I really tried to make up for it this weekend though, with the aforementioned cake and a LOT of mexican food.  

11 weeks and counting!  Can't wait to meet this little boy!

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