Tuesday, June 11, 2013

30 weeks

I know I say this every week, but SERIOUSLY.  This is going way too fast.  At the same time though, I'm kind of looking forward to not sharing my insides with another human.  WP found my rib cage this week, and on Sunday it felt like he was going to break them in half.  The overwhelming tired feeling from the first tri has returned, and I'm just grateful that it's summer!  I'm sleeping in until 8 every day, I'm crawling in bed around 8 every night, and I get a nap if I need it.  I couldn't ask for a better time to be pregnant. 

I had a wonderful shower this past weekend with my Baylor friends!  We had a lovely brunch (my favorite thing to eat), and opened presents and chatted.  William's room is really coming together with all of these wonderful gifts!  We also bought a glider this weekend, which was the last big thing in his room we needed.  I was kind of picky on the glider - I wanted a specific kind and look, but Kyle had a specific budget.  I couldn't make the two agree, but I also wasn't ready to just buy something I didn't love.  I happened to pull up craigslist, which I'm normally not a fan of, and found the PERFECT chair way under budget.  It was an $800 chair and we got it for $125.  That's my kind of chair!!  Now I don't feel bad if he pukes on it or if we decide in a few years that we don't have room for it.

Braxton Hicks contractions are starting to make their appearance a little more regularly, but I'm still under the amount of when my ob worries, so I'm just trying to slow myself down to avoid them.  I typically operate on two speeds - full speed and off.  Tonight I didn't just make the cornbread we needed for dinner, I made cornbread, beans, brownies, and butter.  I'm trying really hard to just do a little at a time...it's not working so far.

Today was a bittersweet day.  30 weeks pregnant, getting so close to having my little boy in my arms, but it also would have been the 1st birthday of the baby we lost last October.  I really thought that by the time I was pregnant and some time had passed, that the sting would go away.  It doesn't.  You still remember all the milestones that would have been there.  I thought a lot this week about the 1st birthday party I might have planned and how our last year would've been different with another person in our house.  I can also look back and see how I was somewhat forced to change careers in June of last year, and how we had NO money in the summer because of it, and I know the timing would not have been good.  So there you go - it gets better, but doesn't go away.

With that, I'm going to try and get myself to rest!

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  1. Hugs-I'm sure those thoughts are difficult. And I'm sure as more time goes by, it will change and may fade, but they will never disappear.

    And time will keep flying! We said it would probably slow down in the last few weeks, but it hasn't. Enjoy it while you can, and embrace the future!