Tuesday, June 18, 2013

31 weeks

9 weeks y'all.  Single digits.  In 9 weeks, give or take, our son will be here! 

The third trimester has some similarities to the first trimester, except with a much bigger belly.  The extreme tiredness is back.  Most nights I'm crawling in bed about 8.  My brain is not tired, and I stay up and read or play on my phone, but my body is physically done. 

The pregnancy brain that somewhat cleared in the second trimester is also back.  Last week, when trying to fix multiple things at once in the kitchen, I poured the beans that were supposed to go in a pot on the stove into the kitchen aid mixer.  Thankfully, I hadn't poured the brownie mix in there yet, or that would have been some nasty food!

My weight stayed the same this week, so I'm up 14 pounds total.  I eat often during the day, but I don't eat heavily in the summer because it's so hot - I'm guessing why that's why my weight hasn't really changed.  Oh well.

We celebrated Kyle's first Father's Day on Sunday.  We went to church in the morning and then headed out to my parents' farm that afternoon.  Bryson got to run and wore himself out, we played with the chickens, and did some clean up on the boat.  We of course made time for some super yummy Mexican food with mom and dad.  

Last but not least -my bump pic for this week.  I'm huge!


  1. You are adorable (and really not huge--just wait, haha!). So excited for you guys!


  2. I'm super impressed with your weight gain-its healthy, and definitely not over the top. You look awesome!