Monday, June 24, 2013

Maternity Fashion: Swimwear

One of the hardest things for me in being pregnant has been clothes.  I LOVE clothes, and watching my clothes just sit the was hard.  I don't have the most fantastic wardrobe by any means, but I love finding deals and matching things together, buying shoes, and coordinating my jewelry. 

When talking to some of my girlfriends this past week, I told them my goal when becoming a mother was not to become frumpy.  They assured me that since my maternity clothes had been cute, I was going to be ok.  So since I'm sure several of you face the "how in the world do I keep my style and not look like a huge cow" while pregnant questions, I thought I would touch on that on my blog!  And then as I transition back into my regular clothes, I'll let you know how all that works out. 

So here goes - I'll tell you where to find the deals, how to put together something simple but put together with a few pieces.  And of course, things to wear in the MISERABLE heat of summer!

With summer just officially beginning, it's time to get in the pool!  It is way too damn hot to keep your large belly under lock and key, so go ahead!  Rock the bump!  I had the hardest time finding a maternity swimsuit to my liking.  I felt like everything screamed "I'm fat so put me in a big print so I look even fatter!"  I also was not willing to fork over $60-$80 something for a suit I'm only going to wear for a few months.  I hit up Old Navy online and found something I was happy with! 

That's right.  I just put a pic of myself in a swimsuit.  Online.  Now yes, this is a big print, but it was the only one that didn't make me want to vomit.  And instead of putting it with the same pattern bottoms, I picked a corally red bottom instead.  It broke up the pattern perfectly.  As far as fit goes, it met my expectations.  I ordered one size larger than I would normally since I'm in my last trimester.  The boob support is good, and it also covered well, like a good tanktop.  The stomach part has plenty of stretch and should grow with me well.  With a sale and free shipping, I got this suit for around $37 - much better for something that you will only wear a few months! 

Stay tuned to my blog for more maternity fashion!

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