Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Stitch Fix #2

Oh wait, you didn't see a review #1?  My bad.  Deal with it.  I might get around to posting it, I might not.


Stitch Fix, much to my husband's dismay, is a blast!  If you haven't heard the hype yet, each month (or how ever often you set it) you pay $20 and get 5 items of clothing/accessories/shoes.  You try them all on, run around the house putting on a fashion show and getting opinions, and then you keep and pay for whatever you like, minus the $20 styling fee.  The items you don't like, you pack up in the enclosed return envelope, stick it in your mailbox, and you're done.  When you check out online, you get to review the items you received.  I have been over specific with my reviews, but from what I hear, that makes each fix better and better. 

The first fix I kept a fabulous pair of black pants that were just the right length for my short legs, and they had no zipper.  NO ZIPPER.  It's like maternity pants that actually make your butt look good.  I didn't take any pics of those, because I was to busy with the aforementioned modeling around the house.

This second fix, I kept two things.  The first one I kept is a dolman top, which is super flattering.  I haven't taken pictures in it yet, but this chick has, so you can look at her blog and see it in all it's glory.

The second thing I kept was the Florence color block dress.  This dress fit perfectly.  It has an elastic waist (my best friend), and was perfectly modest without looking like a prude.  I've worn it to church and to school and gotten compliments in both places.  It's such a great dress that I'm considering it for our family pictures next weekend. 

My son wanted no part of this picture, but it was his first day of preschool, so he got it anyway. 

So how do you get on this awesome stitch fix deal?

1. Sign up.  Follow this link, and support my shopping habit with a referral credit. 
2.  Fill out a profile that asks everything from what you do for a living to what body parts you like to show or not show off.
3. Link your profile to a Pinterest board of styles that you love.  My last stylist noticed that I had a lot of polka dots on my board, so she sent me a polka dot top.  It ended up not fitting well, but it was seriously cute.
4. Stalk the front door and wait for you fix. 

Happy shopping, friends!


  1. Michelle, thank you for linking your post to me...or rather to the beloved Dolman top!!! I hope you love the Dolman as much as I do!!!! xo - Shelly

    1. Thanks Shelly! And thanks for taking a pic in it. :)